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Tony Stewart Girlfriend Jessica Zemken Wiki, Net Worth

Check Anthony Wayne Tony Stewart Girlfriend Jessica Zemken and Tara Roquemore wiki Details! Know who this NASCAR co. the owner is Dating! With the recent tragic accident which involved loss of life of one of his fellow 20-year-old driver Kevin Ward Jr, the Internet is flooded with searches related to him and his personal and professional life.

So Who is Tony Stewart- If you don’t Already Know him??

Born on may 20,1971  in Colombus, Indiana, US Stewart is an American professional stock car racing driver and NASCAR team owner. He is a three-time sprint cup series champion (wohaa!!). He also won racing titles in Indy, Midget,Sprint and UASC silver crown cars. Well, truly a marvel to watch on the racing track! He had been awarded the 1999 Winston Cup series, 1996 Indian polis 500 Rookie OF The Year and the 2001 National midget auto racing hall of fame inductee. His Net worth is estimated to be around 70 million dollars.

And who is this Superfast racer Dating Tara Roquemore?

Well yes! he was dating this Geogia Native. She was a former Marketing assistant for home depot, which is his primary sponsor. They met in 2006, broke up in 2006 and evidently reconciled in 2008 as she was spotted with him again in his races. The couple looked cute and compatible enough but the super fast racer couldn’t stick to his girl and apparently in 2008 Jessica Zemken made his world stop at her.

Tony Stewart Girlfriend

Who is Tony Stewart Girlfriend in 2016?? Umm.. Jessica Zemken , Is She??

Hmmm, we said its complicated 😉 Jessica born on may 5th,1986 in sparkers, New York became involved in car racing as a toddler. She is a Sprint cup and World of Outlaw driver. Well similar people often enjoy each other’s company and something similar happened with Tony and Jessica. He reportedly dumped Tara for Jessica (least didn’t cheat her, or maybe did!).

Well, records have it that ever since Jessica became a part of his life his Career had been going downhill and this allegedly created differences between them.After the tragic accident, these differences gained momentum and they broke up!
In one of his interviews Tony said “I broke up with my girlfriend, but since she is a racer I am bound to come across her again’’.

His relationship status is indeed very , very complicated!!