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As the title and the subtitle suggest- Wyatt Roy certainly is the cutest politician in the present era! But who is his girlfriend? Check out Wyatt Roy Girlfriend  Hillary Weeks Wiki Details, Profile, rumors.

Wyatt Beau Roy (full name), born in year 1990, is the youngest Australian politician as he got elected to Australian Parliament at the tender age of 20. He also is the youngest Minister in the Commonwealth History, as was appointed to Ministry at the age of 25. He also happens to be the member of Australian House of Representatives since August 2010, representing the electorate of Longman.

Who is Wyatt Roy?? – “Ans: Baby of the House”

The above few lines definitely focused on What a Political marvel he is! Not just this, during the election he was publically endorsed by Tony abott, but what even Tony couldn’t help Wyatt with was the title he is been given currently “The Baby of The House”. I personally found it very funny when in an interview he said, “There’s a joke in the party room that is sometimes said, ‘oh we can fix that in 20 years time when Wyatt is prime minister.’”! 😛

Wyatt Roy

Wyatt Roy Girlfriend – Hillary Weeks Wiki Details, Info

There never have had been any confirmation about the relationship Wyatt is currently having, you might come across few names certainly. There were few rumors of Wyatt Roy with and Jessica Watson, who was the youngest sailor around the world based in Australia! But it was the time in and around somewhere 2010, when Wyatt got elected to the Parliament.

Soon there were rumors and speculations of their break up, but them the Media had an all new name! It was Hillary Weeks! Wyatt Roy and his partner, Hillary weeks have had never opened about their relationship and very rightly so, Wyatt is just 25! He do have a long journey to travel up ahead to be the Australian Prime Minister, in some coming three Decades! Wyatt Roy Girlfriend

“I think I’m in a situation where you can’t ignore it because I’m the youngest, rather than just young. I’m the youngest. I’m proud of the fact that I was a young person but it doesn’t define me. At some point I won’t be young.” “I had a haircut the other day and a whole bunch of grey hairs fell out.”- very rightly exclaimed the Cutest, youngest and probably most talented upcoming Politician!