Selfie Queen Karen Danczuk New Boyfreind Wiki, Beach Pics, Images, Net Worth

Check the complete info about the self proclaimed Selfie Queen Karen Danczuk who was spotted with her new boyfriend on Beach leaving her husband Simon Danczuk in Jail. Check the latest pics, images, and wiki details.

Karen Danczuk Wiki Details – Who is She? Why all the Selfie Fuss? Karen Danczuk Net Worth and Images

Karen Danczuk was born on 31st May 1983 and was a councillor for Kingsway, Rochdale. Born with the name of Karen Marie Burke, she had 5 siblings and her father was in Govt. Local Authority. She left school early and joined the local authority as well. As a result to which she was married to Simon Danczuk who is a British Labour Party Politician. In addition to that, talking about her early work life, she was at three other jobs. She later on went back to the college for studying the A-levels.

Karen Danczuk hot pics

Karen Danczuk Love Life- Marriage with Simon Danczuk and Divorce

Talking about her family life and marriage, she currently is a divorced woman to Simon Danczuk who also father two of her sons named Milton and Maurice. They both met in year 2006, at that time Karen was single but Simon was 38 year old married to his first wife Sonia. Later, Karen and Simon got married with each other in the year 2012. Out of which the marriage has two children, both males. As of now converging to the topic of the divorce, as per the husband allegations Karen is a Selfie addict and cannot stop posting selfie.

“She also doesn’t understand the fact that being in public life, she must have control on such things.” Karen also added that she likes posting pics which shows cleavage to great extent on her social media platforms! Well as matter of fact, the above statement is true too. She posted hundreds of selfies in the past years, which earned hr hundred of followers.

Karen Danczuk Divorce Reason – Some of her Sexiest Selfies

Now we know, why the two of them got divorced. But were the pics actually so appealing? Well we can get hold of that only once we see that. So here are some the sexiest pics and selfies of Karen Danczuk. And as alleged by Simon- She cant stop flashing her cleavage.

Selfie Queen Karen Danczuk Selfie Queen Karen Danczuk sexy Selfie Queen Karen Danczuk Sexy Cleavage

Karen Danczuk Spotted with new Waiter Boyfriend Images and Info

With only days passed to the divorce of Karen and Simon, Karen was spotted recently in Costa Blanca, a port in southern Spain with her Spanish Boy friend. She was seen wrapping legs around the guys waist, who happens to be younger than him! Wearing a bright pink swimsuit, she easily caught attention and made her intentions clear by kissing and cuddling him amidst well placed cameras. No wonder her Swim Suit said “Lets get physical”. Check some of her latest snaps from the port of Costa Blanca..
Karen Danczuk beach pics Karen Danczuk new boyfreind Karen Danczuk bikini

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