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Nick Grimshaw Girlfriend Rita Ora, Boyfriend Michael Mayren Wiki

Well Nick Grimshaw gender is not yet fixed and take my word on that! He tries to kiss Rita Ora but dates Michael Mayren! Check Nick Grimshaw Girlfriend Rita Ora Wiki Details as well as of his boyfriend Micheal Mayren!

As it is known that Nick Grimshaw recently opened up about being gay, this story might come as a shock to his fans. Nick Grimshaw has recently joined The X Factor where Rita Ora is his co-judge. They both revealed that they made out recently while watching the Rolling Stones. He stated, ‘we found out ourselves sitting among the couples who were talking, snuggling and cuddling with each other and then we thought, why don’t we have our boyfriends here. Then we decided to give each other  a try.’ They smooched each other while the band was playing and Nick also stated, ‘I must admit that Rita ora is an excellent kisser. And she doesn’t take no for an answer that’s why we kissed.’ He also stated that they shared a double bed at Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset.

He also said that she tried to kiss him before during the festival but he turned her down.

Nick Grimshaw Girlfriend Rita Ora Wiki Profile, Biography

Rita Ora,25, is a British singer and actress. Rita Ora has given so many no. one hits like ‘I won’t ever let you down’, ‘Black Widow’,  ‘R.I.P’, ‘How we do’. Rita Ora is currently a coach on the reality show ‘The Voice’. Rita Ora has acted in movies like ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey:Darker’. Rita Ora speaks Albanian and says her parents have raised her as a Muslim. She considers herself as a feminist. She has dated Calvin Harris from 2013 to 2014.

Nick Grimshaw Boyfreind Michael Mayren- The Photographer 😛 Ahem.. Ahem

Nick Grimshaw Boyfreind Michael Mayren

Nick Grimshaw is currently dating Michael Mayren. The couple first denied their relationship but after some time they started to flaunt their relationship on social media. Michael Mayren posted a pic of himself cuddling with Nick’s pet dog during a night out with Nick. “Nick and Michael started out as mates but their relationship has developed lately” said a source. Michael and Nick has formed a close bond lately and might make it official very soon. Recently they also celebrated Michael’s birthday together at Babington’s hotel. Michael Mayren is a photographer by profession.

Nick Grimshaw accepted in an interview that he has a huge crush on David Beckham and got very nervous when he interviewed him twice on BBC-1 Radio breakfast show.He said,” How can’t you get starstruck by Beckham. I mean that face, It’s ridiculous. You try and play it cool. You try and have a conversation.”

We agree with you Nick. Totally agree.(*sighs heavily*) He was recently hugely rumored of being in a relationship with Harry Styles, One-D lead, which they both denied. They both were seen hanging out together on various occasions. “we are just friends” said Harry in an interview.

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