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Motivation, perseverance, good old fashioned hard work, and the willingness to take risks, fall down, get back up, and do it again have made Jaylen D. Bledsoe an amazing entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and technical prodigy at the young age of 17 years. His journey and success actually began at 12 years of age when he started his own Information Technology Consulting business called Bledsoe Technologies, LLC. With a dream and $100, he began marketing his technology services, and within two years he had 150 contractors working for him.  Jaylen’s company, Bledsoe Technologies, is now worth an estimated $3.5 million.

Jaylen D Bledsoe Girlfriend Company and Jaylen’s Vision

The scope of services his company provides is vast and includes brand development consulting. The clients he works with include Jordin Sparks and Steve Harvey. Knowing the importance of building a solid brand, Jaylen Bledsoe began re-branding his company just a few months ago, and took it from Bledsoe Technologies, LLC located in Saint Louis, Missouri to The Jaylen D. Bledsoe Global Group. His expertise and success is multifaceted and includes start-up businesses, brand & business development, Venture Capital Funding, direct marketing platform development and implementation, entrepreneurship, and increasing revenue streams.

Jaylen D Bledsoe Girlfriend wiki

Jaylen D Bledsoe Girlfriend and his Motivational Speaker

Outside of his daily business practices, Jaylen D. Bledsoe is also a motivational speaker for various groups around the globe. He brings enlightenment, wit, comedic humor, and moving stories to his audiences young and old. He has been featured keynote speaker for Disney Dreamers Academy, NSBE, Junior Achievement, Steve Harvey Mentoring Program, Stanford, Google, and Facebook just to name a few. Jaylen has spoken to over 25,000 people around the world from youth to senior citizens – sharing his inspiration, award winning attitude, and down to earth stories about how to be successful in this journey of navigating life.

When asked about his success, Jaylen will honestly tell you that it hasn’t always been easy. His parents were only 16 years old when he was born, and his upbringing was filled with struggles. Knowing that he wanted to do more and be more than what he was born into, he continued to look forward to the big picture and to the blessings he had been given, and truly made an effort to strive toward excellence in everything he chose to do. His positive thinking, great determination, and willingness to never give up has led to his amazing and inspiring success.

Jaylen D Bledsoe Girlfriend

Jaylen D Bledsoe Awards And Achievements

In 2009, Jaylen was awarded for his exemplary accomplishments when he was given the “Presidential Academic Excellence Award” from President Barack Obama. He has also received the “Gateway Young Achiever of the Year Award.” His skills as Producer and Writer were awarded 2nd place in the “Diversity” category for a short video he made for the Missouri Parent Teachers Association. Jaylen Bledsoe currently serves in many community and advocacy capacities including being Board President of the National Youth Rights Association, as well as Jr. Board Member of Independent Youth, Inc., and board member at Multitasking Hearts Corp.

In 2014, Bledsoe joined Jordin Sparks’ Charity, The M.A.D. Girls, to serve as the Director of Business Development. As a Junior, Jaylen currently attends Hazelwood West Senior High, in Saint Louis, MO. He looks forward to majoring in International Business and Psychology at an Ivy League school such as Stanford or Harvard in the coming years. In the great words of Jaylen D. Bledsoe, “Don’t let your setback cause you to sit back, prepare for your comeback!”

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