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Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend Claudia Valdez Wiki, Family, Son Net Worth

Gabriel Iglesias, A man of many talents but reportedly a comedian dates Claudia Valdez! Check more about Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend – their relationship saga, rumors, details about son, family, net worth and a lot more!

Gabriel J.Iglesias is a man who can make people laugh without many efforts. Aged 39, he was born on July 15,1976. He is a multi-talented star who works as stand up comedian, T.v actor and a film star. Known and recognized for his work in  the T.v shows I’m not fat…I’m fluffy and hot fluffy And Hot and Fluffy. Considering his weight or should we say Over weight (no offence!) he is an inspiration and idol in Over weight community.

Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend Clandia Valdez Wiki Profile

This Comedy genius – Gabriel Iglesias has been dating the cute Clandia Valdez and has been living in with her reportedly since 2008. They were first spotted attending A wish For animal benefit at laugh factory in January 2008 and ever since they have been dating each other. Often spotted together hand-in-hand, this couple gives us some real couple goals :-p Valdez is really a sporting women with a good sense of humour and doesn’t seems to be offended by the quick witty jokes cracked by Gabriel about her or their relationship.

Well the comedy king found a right match in her.

Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend

And Gabriel takes cares of Claudia’s Son- How truly in Love!

Hmmm.. Claudia Valdez has a son named Frankie from her ex-boyfriend whose name is still unknown. Apparently the comedy genius has a big heart along with a big body and accepted Frankie as his step son and is bearing all his expenses and responsibility. What else does a woman wants from his Man?? This couple is indeed setting challenging relationship goals for others..

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth, Movies, Upcoming Project – Weight Loss

Well, he might always say that he is hot and fluffy and not just fat, but the reality is that he tried a lot to get rid of those extra kilos. From weightlifting to DDP Yoga, he tried it all. Well, he was once 202 kgs and he reduced like 50 of them. Well, as far his projects are concerned in 2017, he will be seen giving voice in Ferdinand, Coco, The Star and few others. Net Worth of Gabriel Iglesias is calculated to be as 30 million USD.

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