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Last year’s YouTube Entertainer of the year Yousef Erakat, famous as FouseyTUBE might just be on his way to redemption. Check FouseyTUBE Girlfriend Wiki, FouseyTUBE Wiki details himself, hatred reasons, his new channel, Project Butterfly, Youtube Earnings, Relation with SuperWoman (Lilly Singh) and a lot more. Also, Yousef lost his pet dog, Dollar last week, poor thing. Check the complete details, Here.

FouseyTUBE Real Name, Wiki, Biography, Details, Childhood, Parents, Schooling

The YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, prankster, actor, rapper, and owner of FouseyTube Channel Yousef Saleh Erakat is popular with his stage name FouseyTube. The YouTuber Yousef Saleh Erakat was born on 22 of January 1990 Fremont, California, U.S. The popular YouTuber has three older siblings.He spent most of his childhood with his siblings. He was brought up in a Muslim family. Yousef did major in theater arts from San Jose State University. After completing his education, He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

FouseyTUBE New YouTube Channels, Project Butterfly

After the Success of FouseTube, Yousef has decided to come up with another exciting YouTube channel. He releases his new channel DOSEofFOUSEY. In 2016, he was nominated for the 6th Streamy Awards in the category First Person for his channel DoseofFousey.

He did a World tour with Roman Atwood in 2016. He had a very rough year as he was suffering from his bipolar and depression. He was not regular on Youtube and had various issues with his close ones.

Later this year in 2017, he came back to YouTube with the aim of helping the needy. He started a journey on his channel FouseyTube and in this journey he gave up all his expensive items to go and live on streets and other Youtubers home. Daniela (his friend), joined this journey and they later found a good grip as people started loving the journey and the whole idea.

They went to Qatar and did the same there. From Qatar they took another famous guy KIMO BASHA in the journey. This journey was later named as Project Butterfly (from the term, Butterfly effect).

Yousef and his team came back to USA, but Yousef had to leave the other 2 as his dog (named Dollar) was really ill due to some kideny disease.

Currently, Daniela and Kimo are posting videos on the FouseyTube channel and Yousef have left them to start another family friendly channel called theKatsFamily.

The project butterfly is still on but since Yousef left the other 2, he has been receiving hatred once again. Anyways, Kimo and Daniela are doing much better in Project Butterfly.


Yousef Arakat aka FouseyTUBE Girlfriend Name, Break Up Story

The Vlogger dated the YouTuber, Social Media Influencer Alycia Tyre. She is a 20 years old Beautiful and gorgeous YouTuber and Social media personality, she is a Cali native. The first evidence that they are dating comes out in September 2016 on Instagram. After this, the couple has been hot and heavy on social media, and their fans are loving it!!

But After some time, the news of their break up start going viral and Fousey shares a video on his channel related to his and Alycia break up. With the video, he confirms his break up with Alycia.

Yousef had many broken relationships in the past. He was also attracted towards the famous Youtuber Lilly Singh, but Lilly never had the same emotions due to Yousef’s addiction with stuff and his behavior.

FouseyTUBE Personal Life, Dog Death, Car, Net Worth

The biggest achievements of Fousey Tube’s YouTube career was  On June 3, 2017, Yousef Erakat has officially reached 10 million subscribers which is one of his channels. On his daily blogging site, Erakat mentions that he has struggled with ongoing depression, addiction, and bipolar disorder. On October 3, 2015, Erakat showcased his BMW 435i with a full transformation.  On September 18, 2015, Yousef won the Show of The Year award.  Last week, Yousef lost his lovely dog Dollar. The Vlogger is making a huge amount of money on his YouTube channel. As per the resources, his Net Worth in 2017 is approximate $3 Million.

You can follow him on Twitter as @YousefErakat.

Why is FouseyTUBE hated? Reasons?? Right or Wrong?

The popular YouTuber is hated by many of the people. As per the information, he was Exposed For Doing Fake Pranks. Actors after playing role in his videos have confirmed that they are paid to do this. A lot of people see him as over dramatic and he used to do fake fight and posted it on Youtube for attention. To gain attention from the viewers he also picked a fight with fellow YouTuber ricegum. These are some of the reasons why people hate the over dramatic YouTuber. Do tell us in the comment section what you think about him. In case if we forgot to add any other reason, do let us know in the below comment section.


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