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Alex wassabi Girlfriend Lauren Rihimakki Wiki Details, Relationship Story, Net Worth

Meet the famous Youtube Sensation and one-half of a duo in charge of Wassabi Productions Alex Burrissis.. better known as Alex Wassabi. He produces and uploads funny music videos on the duos Youtube Channel hoiistrtoi and Wassabi-Productions with his colleague Roi Fabito Aka Roi Wassabi. Check out Alex Wassabi Wiki details, Girlfriend, Net worth, and everything you want to know.

Alex Wassabi Wiki Details, DOB, Childhood, Age, Schooling

Here is Alex Wassabi wiki details, Girlfriend, Net worth and every thing you want to read. Alex Burriss was born on March 28, 1990, in Montana, United States. He has two brothers, Andrew and Aaron who are also famous YouTubers with their channel “Lazyron Studios”. He spent his initial years in Lexington, Kentucky. He later moved to Durham, North California. It was here he first met Roi Fabito in middle school. Roi Fabito , his partner in the channel and he became best friends here going to same high school and living in the same neighborhood.

Alex Wassabi Professional Life Details, YouTube Channel, Net Worth, Twitter

After, the duo became best friends Roi decided to make videos with his other friends from his parents’ camera which his parents never used. This was the starting of Wassabi Productions. Later Alex joined in the task of video making and he eventually became a part of it. In 2006, they posted their videos to share with their family and friends. The videos were loved not only by their family and friends but a lot of people from the world. Originally named as hoiistori , they changed its name to Wassabi , which was inspired by a scene in Jackass. The channel featured comedy videos having lip-synced, Dance and vines.

They stopped the channel for a while to come back with new videos. In 2012,  Wassabi introduced two new characters: Rolanda and Richard, who both debuted in the “Call Me Maybe” Parody. This video became incredibly popular and got over a whopping 57,000,000 views. From then there is no looking back, their Youtube channel has gained over 4.5 million subscribers and 1.4 billion views. Alex with Roi travels all over the world, meeting fans, doing shows and inspire Wassabians. Recently, Roi left Wassabi Productions in order to pursue other passions. Now, Alex is the only in-charge of the Wassabi Productions.Besides, this he is also a social media star posting satirical jokes and vines on twitter.

You can follow him on Twitter as @AlexWassabi and on Instagram as alexwassabi.

 Alex Wassabi Girlfriend Lauren Riihimaki Wiki Details, DOB, Childhood

Lauren Rihammaki is a Do-it-Yourself specialist on youtube. She posts fashion advice videos to her popular channel LaurDIY as well as posts on her blog with the same name. She currently has over 5 million subscribers on her Youtube Channel.

Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki was born on August 11, 1993, in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, to Gail and Greg Riihimaki. Her mother is Japanese, while her father is half Finnish and half Ukrainian. She as a child was interested in athletics and participated in a lot of sports events. She did her high schooling from Sir Winston Churchill High School. Here she had a brief affair with a boy named Joey. The two of them later broke up but are still friends. She graduated from Ryerson University in Bachelor of Technology.

Alex Wassabi Girlfriend Lauren Riihimaki Professional Career, Net Worth, YouTube Channel

After enrolling into a Graphic Communications Management course at Ryerson University in Toronto, she realized that while the course had future employment opportunities, it didn’t allow her to showcase her creative talents, which she was too eager to find an outlet for. She started posting to Youtube from spring of 2012 when still in college.She started focusing full time on her Youtube Channel following her graduation. She has surpassed the 1 million subscriber milestone on YouTube in September of 2014. She now has over 5 million subscribers. She has been featured in Seventeen magazine on several occasions and worked with brands like Starbucks, P&G, Etsy and Duck Tape.

Follow her on Instagram as laurdiy and Twitter as @laurDIY.

Alex Wassabi Girlfriend Lauren Riihimaki Relationship Story, Engagement Rumors

Lauren Riihimaki and Alex Wassabi have been dating since 2016. They seem to be a happy going couple with interesting love life. Press Reports suggests that their relationship is growing stronger day by day. Recently the couple featured in an interview in which their body language indicated strong bond of relationship. Yey!!!May they be happy forever…

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