7 Sexiest YouTube Girls to Follow 2017 | Pictures, Channels and Net Worth

Well it all began with Google and went down to YouTube! But do you know what fascinates us the most (atleast me)! The sexy YouTubers! Well if you are like me 😉 and you wanna know more about the sexy female YouTubers with all the hotness overloaded quotient and how to follow them? Well You are at an absolute right place! Check in the post 7 Sexiest YouTube Girls you must follow in 2017!

We all are familiar to YouTube. Its not new to anyone and most of us spend an ample amount of time watching a rally of videos which include not only the cool, funny and cute ones but also those which give us some quick tips of styling or a quick recipe. Viewing these videos, somehow changes the lives of a lot of people who work hard and passionately to create them. Today we bring to you the YouTube stars who have changed their passion and hobby into a fruitful business, their name into brand names, and of course they are hot as hell. They have taken Internet by storm. With a lot of followers and subscribers to their YouTube channel, our hot babes are really breaking the internet with their charming and alluring videos. Don’t agree, then just have a look.

Meet Brooklyn Babe- Melanie Iglesias 

Melanie Iglesias, is the insanely hot and sexy model who rules YouTube with a YouTube channel under the same name. Melanie was born on 18June 1987, in Brooklyn. She attended the Tottenville High School, New York and graduated from the same. She was voted as the winner of “Hometown Hotties” organized by Maxim. She even got placed in the annual list by Maxim of world’s most beautiful woman- “Hot 100”, in 2011. In the same year she appeared in the premiere issue of a 3D magazine- World’s Most Beautiful, which was photographed by, Nick Saglimbeni a celebrity photographer. She was also a part of Girl Code and Guy Code as herself on the two shows of MTV. You can catch the 29 year old, this year in Abnormal Attraction, a comedy film.
Her channel, Melanie Iglesias on YouTube started from 25 September 2006 and till date have about 179,067 subscribers. It is one of the sure short hottest and sexiest channel on the search engine that provide you with some straight videos of T&A and techno, avoiding the stupid and nonsense tutorials. Yes guys she is the sexiest of the sexy, do check her channel out.

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Adorable Zoella Vlogger on zoella280390 and MoreZoella

The next hot babe on our list is Zoella. That’s the username by which she is known, but the real name of the divinely sexy beauty and fashion vlogger, YouTuber is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg. Elder sister of Internet personality and vlogger Joe Sugg, Zoe was born on March 28, 1990 in Lacock, Wiltshire. Her debut novel, Girl Online was released on November 25, 2014 and had the highest first week sales, for any debut author. Its sequel titled Girl Online: On Tour was released in December while its third part titled Girl Online: Going Solo is yet to be released. Zoe started as a novice in interior designing company, which marked the start of her own blog called Zoella. As her blog got followers, she expanded it into a YouTube channel.

Her YouTube channel was initially named after her birth date as “zoella280390” which includes videos about beauty hauls, fashion and some of her favorite videos, where she enlightens her viewers about her favorite products. Her second channel, MoreZoella, where people get to know about the daily routine of this perfectly sculpted model. Collaborated with many other YouTubers, her initial channel as of now has about 11, 022, 140 subscribers, while the other has 4, 246, 106 subscribers. I can bet on the fact that her smile and eyes are hypnotizing and Britain’s most influential tweeter of 2013, is wickedly sexy.

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Macbarbie07- YouTube Channel of Charming Bethany Mota 

Bethany Mota, is a video blogger from America. She was born on 7 November 1995 in California to Tony Mota and Tammy. Yes you read that right, she is just 20 years old. But when you look at pictures, one really can’t say that. She is the younger sister of Britany with whom she grew up. She attended the public school and also briefly sessions of acting and dance classes. She was once cyberbullied as a teenager, but today her YouTube channel is one of the most subscribed girls channel.

After her first haul video in 2009, Bethany began with her YouTube channel called Macbarbie07 with which she rose to fame. She posts videos depicting her sense of fashion, some tutorials for hair, makeup and outfits, along with recipe and Do it Yourself projects. With about 10 million subscribers, Bethany makes sure she goes on “Motavatours” to meet her fans. She even got a chance to interview Barack Obama in 2015. Since her fashion videos gained immense success, she expanded it into a clothing, accessories and perfume line- AĂ©ropostale. She also tried her hand in music and released her debut single with Mike Tompkins. Bethany has a charming personality, and so you cannot miss out on her.

Follow Bethany Mota on YouTube.

   Lisa Nova the Sexy Co-founder of Maker Studios    

Lisa Nova is an American actress and a radio personality. She celebrates her birthday on 11 June, 1980. Born and brought up in Scarsdale New York, she attended the University of Colorado and then moved to California. A totally hard working girl she is and with her first video on YouTube said “Introducing LisaNova” which was uploaded in 7 June, 2006, gave her channel- LisaNova a kick start. With about 545, 546 subscribers, Lisa is known for her videos where she impersonate celebrities and public figures. She has imitated a lot of them, while her video where she parodied Sarah Palin was praised as ruthlessly hilarious by Wired.

She is the co-creator of Maker Studios a video network on YouTube which delivers production and marketing facilities to about 1000 YouTube channels. Her interview with Katy Perry has about 5.9 million views which highlights her success in the Internet world. Not only this, Lisa is also the co-founder of “The Station”, another popular YouTube channel. Her mainstream success began with her role on MADtv in 2006 and lately in 2015 she appeared in the film The Wedding Ringer, as a flight attendant. She is true American beauty, who can get anyone off the floor with her sexy looks and incredible talent.

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Follow Lisa Nove on YouTube.

      Michelle Phan the Queen of Makeup and Fashion Tutorials

Michelle Phan is an American entrepreneur and a makeup demonstrator who got limelight with her contributions on YouTube. Michele was born in the city of Boston of Massachusetts, and brought up with an elder brother and a younger sister. She went to the Tampa Bay Technical High school after her family shifted to Tampa, Florida. She later attended the Ringling College of Art and Design and graduated from the same with an Honorary Doctorate degree in Arts, in 2014. Michelle began with her personal blog where her makeup tutorials impressed so much that she received requests for further instructions.

Her tutorial vlogs with the username RiceBunny on Xanga made way to YouTube in 2007. After her video tutorial “How to Get Lady Gaga’s Eyes” got viral and acclaimed a million views, she launched FAWN in 2012, a You Tube multichannel network. She is a YouTube advertising partner whose channel in 2014 was listed among the Top 100 channel by New Media Rockstars and was ranked 48. She recently created her own line of makeup, and was even honored with Steamy Icon Award. This sexy lady has over 8 million subscribers of her channel, and we all know the reason.

Follow Michelle Plan on YouTube.

CutiePieMarzi YouTube Channel of Italian Vlogger Marzia 

Marzia Bisognin, is an Italian internet personality popularly known as CutiePieMarzia on YouTube. She was born on October 21, 1992 in Vicenza, Italy. Her videos on YouTube mainly focus on beauty, fashion, makeup, movies, books, hauls, vlogs, DIY ideas along with video gaming. She is a fashion designer and a writer, apart from being the owner of one of the most subscribe Italian channel on YouTube. Though she is Italian, just to target a larger audience she speaks in English in majority of her videos.

Bisognin later signed for the sub network of Maker Studio- The Platform. Her beauty and fashion oriented channel attracts more than 16 million viewers every month. The 23 year old has eve lend her voice in several animated web series. She too created her own clothing line, after the success of her channel and through Project Shoe designed Daisy, show line in 2014. January 2015, saw the release of her debut book, titled La Casa Dei Sogni, of horror genre and you can expect the second release which will be a young-adult novel with paranormal activity. The beauty who can knockout anyone completely is going strong with his boyfriend Felix Kjellberg from 2011, and we wish her great success in both her professional and personal life.

Follow Marzia on YouTube.

Tania Derveaux the Gaming Star of YouTube 

Tania is the last on our list of sexiest babe to be checked out on YouTube. Tania was born on 12 August, 1982 in Belgium. Without going into her personal details, as we don’t know much about it, let’s get onto how she became a sensation on Internet. Tania is a gaming star on YouTube, and gained popularity with her channel- AthenaGaKill. She uploads videos of newest games like Dark Souls, Until Dawn and Rise of the Tomb Raider. On her channel you will mainly find those uncensored and uncut, behind the scenes footage. It is basically from the AthenWins channel, of which she is also a member, along with being a contributor for GamingforGood.net.

The YouTube star also owns a Twitch channel- TaniaUncensored where she regularly streams videos and has about 20,000 followers. The former channel has 60,000 subscribers making her a huge hit amongst the video bloggers. Tania is also active on media like Instagram as she regularly posts pictures of her parents, two brothers and sister. The cute and sexy babe was actually ranked number one in the list of hottest women on YouTube, but it seems that many more tough competitions have risen. She has been associated with a popular YouTube gamer Kasitop, who also hails from Belgium.

Follow Tania Derveaux on YouTube.

The list is endless because there is no dearth of hotness on this planet, but we have tried to sum it up all here. YouTube has helped these superstars emerge, by giving them a platform that everyone yearns for. These YouTubers with an angelic face and rocking body and even more rocking videos are making the world go crazy. Hope you enjoyed the list, and stay tuned for such more lists.

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